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emma is the lighthouse that guides the best brands through thick and thin. In our highly competitive world, he traces them the path to achieve success. Follow the light!


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The brands’ lighthouse


Hello! I am emma. Yep! Without a capital e. My job is to guide the best brands towards iconic brand status. My rigorous method has been proven and my passion, once transferred to a brand, becomes the energy that will propel it to new heights. I work exclusively with companies that respect their brand, love well-told stories, and a job well done.

But what is the lighthouse thing all about? Well, there it is! In general, we don’t like to be “sold” a product or service. On the other hand, we want to decide to “buy it.” It is this decision-making that the brands’ lighthouse manages to influence.

Think about a brand that you admire. How is its offer better than its competition? How is its offer different from its competition?

Your decision to buy a product is intimately linked to the relationship between this difference and quality. The image that consumers have of this relationship is what we call: THE BRAND. Clever, isn’t it?

This is what a brands’ lighthouse is all about. It focuses on a product or your brand to identify its key differentiators and its guarantees of quality to place it in an aesthetic and graphic universe that is its own and unique.

A brand to which the qualifiers of quality and unique can be attached is a brand aspires to become iconic. Follow the guide!


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