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branding, design, marketing strategy & co.

on your own path


 we are a collective of highly creative people specialized in branding

emma is not your typical marketing agency. It’s Marc-André Lamy, a brand strategist with over 18 years of experience who surrounds himself with the best creative talents to work on your brand. emma is the beacon that guides the best brands towards iconic brand status. His rigorous method, which is described below, has proven its worth. An effective marketing strategy and exceptional design will ensure a unique and powerful branding. emma focuses on working with companies that appreciate well-told stories and work well done.


Forging rich and powerful brands

When launching a new brand, we instinctively delimit its territory with a logo. Everyone’s tastes emerge during brainstorming sessions while sketches multiply. Once compromises are made and a logo agreed upon, it becomes the brand’s entire graphic universe.

​At emma, we do it differently. We take the time to study the market in which the brand will evolve and identify its competitors. Our workshops help us discover a unique and unforgettable graphic territory, voice, and aesthetic.

Repositioning existing brands



As society and competitors evolve and adjust, a brand’s position inevitably changes. Therefore, all brands need to regularly take a step back to reassess the competitive landscape. Companies with strong brands undertake this exercise every 5 years.

Many companies make decisions that change their brand’s position and diverge from original promises. When consumers notice the inconsistency, they turn to more consistent brands.

However, we see brand repositioning as a renovation project. We study the brand’s legacy, finding what worked well and what could have been done differently. Then, we draw a realistic, neutral portrait of the competitive landscape. Finally, we recommend necessary adjustments for it to regain its unique market position.

Marketing strategy

Who are you? Who are you talking to? How do you know that your solutions are the right targets for your business? Our highly digital era offers many ways to reach a target audience and optimize every media dollar. We still need to know if we are aiming for the most promising target

As a matter of fact, a marketing strategy is only as effective as the quality of data the strategist has. You can’t blame the people who say our digital world is full of tools that spy on us. However, it would be appropriate to see it as a way of collecting data on our behaviors and habits rather than as an attempt to intrude into the life of a particular individual.

In addition, the interpretation of the data is also a critical factor in laying the foundation for an effective strategy. Often, in the sea of ​​information and data that we have in front of us, we can find what we would like to see there.

In short, emma works methodically and bases its marketing strategies on facts and data. The buzzword is “data-driven.” In the absence of data, emma relies on best practices to achieve “SMART” results: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.



A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company” un design exceptionnel”